People With Gap Teeth: Common Causes And Treatments For Diastema

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Having a gap between your teeth can be embarrassing for many people. Known medically as diastema, this condition usually involves the two front teeth of a person's upper jaw. If you have diastema, here are some of the common causes of gap teeth and how the problem can be treated.

Causes of Diastema

Several conditions can cause a gap between the teeth, such as:

Treatment Options

Dentists have several ways to treat this condition, including using:


Mouth tumors or bones in the jaw can also cause gaps between teeth. Therefore, be sure to promptly see a dentist when noting any type of unusual growth that occurs in your mouth. 

Not everyone with gap teeth considers it a detriment. In fact, it can even be cute and stylish. Celebrities such as Canadian-born actress, Anna Paquin, and others have actually kept their gap teeth. But if it's interfering with your life and you find yourself not smiling, you don't have to settle for this condition. Don't hesitate to see your dentist at places like Linwell Park Dental Centre to discuss the various treatment options.