Factors That Determine The Safety Of Immediate Dentures

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You may be wondering whether immediate dentures are safe like the other types of dentures. It's understandable that safety should become a concern when surgery is in play, and that is why safety becomes a bigger concern when considering immediate or implanted dentures instead of the standard ones. There are many factors that should help you determine the safety and overall quality of these types of dentures. Oral health is only one of those factors.

Determining Factors for the Safety of Immediate Dentures

The very first thing that should be done is to acquire a complete medical background and history of the person getting dentures. This would be the easiest and fastest way to tell whether surgical denture implants is an option for the patient. This will help to prevent any future problems that may arise.

1. Anesthesia

Getting anesthesia is probably the very first challenge in an immediate or implant denture surgery. If the patient is discovered to have an allergy or even the slightest intolerance to anesthesia, this would automatically disqualify him/her from the procedure.

2. Blood Thinning Treatments

People who are on blood thinning treatments would also be disqualified from the denture surgery. Cases of kidney or heart diseases would also be subject to further evaluations and examinations. Uncontrolled diabetes as well as oral infections that could disrupt the after-surgery healing would also render the patient unsuitable for immediate dentures.

3. Drug Use

The patient's dependence on alcohol, tobacco, or even drugs can also get in the way of good nutrition which is a crucial factor for the healing process. They could also block the patient's ability to do certain post-denture surgery activities. These are only a few of the medical conditions to watch out for when opting for immediate dentures.

Risks Associated With the Procedures

Aside from these, there are also other risks linked to the surgical process itself. While it rarely happens, there is still the possibility of puncturing the nasal sinus or damaging the nerves during the surgery. And then there's also the risk of contracting a post-surgical infection when proper oral habits are not done strictly.

There are also psychological issues to be concerned about. Patients who have neurosis, depression, and even anxiety problems are all eligible for careful evaluation before being allowed to undergo the surgery. Those who have experienced bad dental treatments in the past and have been traumatized by them are also considered poor surgery candidates.


As you see, there are lots of factors to be noted in order to ensure the safety of immediate or implanted dentures. Therefore, thorough research and evaluation should be taken so as to get the best results possible. Don't worry; your denturist like one from Village Green Denture Clinic will be there to guide you every step of the way.