4 Benefits Of Dentures Over Dental Implants

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Are you wondering whether you should get dentures or denture implants? Many people assume that because denture implants are the newer technology, they are the better technology. But this isn't always true for everyone. While both dentures and dental implants can improve your smile, health and appearance, dentures do have a few major benefits over implants.

1. Dentures Are Much Cheaper

By far, the most common reason people choose dentures over implants is that they are much cheaper than implants. Implants can be very expensive and not all insurance plans will cover a significant portion of the cost. This can also vary by the type of implant you're getting -- whether you're getting individual teeth or you're getting "denture-style" snap-in implants. If you are on a budget, dentures could be ideal. 

2. Dentures Don't Require Complex Surgery

While you do need to have surgery to remove your existing teeth (if you haven't already), you won't need surgery to actually get dentures. Your dentist will simply take a mold of your mouth and then get the dentures fitted to you. Dental implants require that bolts be placed in your jaw. For most people, this surgery is not serious. But for those who already are experiencing bone loss or who have compromised immune systems, this could be dangerous. And, as with all surgeries that involve anesthesia, there is a risk inherent to the procedure.

3. Dentures Don't Have a Recovery Period

In addition to the actual surgery, the recovery period following dental implants could be problematic for those in ill health. If you already have gum disease or other mouth related issues, you might find the recovery period lengthy or uncomfortable. Likewise if you have bleeding or other health issues, dentures may be more suited to you. Your dentist can go into more detail regarding which diseases or disorders could cause issues to you. 

4. Dentures Aren't Permanent

If you're currently debating whether you want dentures or dental implants, you should keep in mind that one is a permanent solution while another can be used as a temporary solution. You can always try dentures and then attempt permanent dental implants if you want to see whether they are suited to you; the reverse is not true.

Naturally, there are also some major benefits for dental implants. Dental implants require less maintenance and often look more natural. You should always discuss your options with your dentist. Depending on your personal oral health situation, one option may be better than the other.