Caring For Your New Dentures

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If you have just received a brand new set of dentures, you are most likely very pleased to be able to cover up areas where teeth are missing, bringing back a healthy smile as you are out and about. Taking care of your dentures will become a part of your daily routine to keep them from becoming warped or broken. It is extremely important not to skimp on your denture maintenance to keep them in the best of shape and to help keep your mouth from having unnecessary pain due to unkempt dentures. Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips you should apply to your every day routine.

Putting Dentures In

When you are ready to put your dentures in for the day, brush your gums, tough and existing teeth thoroughly with toothpaste before application. This will help rid your mouth of any bacteria that can become trapped underneath your dentures after they are in place. It will also help to stimulate the gums, circulating the underlying blood flow. This helps the dentures to stay in place, retaining moisture needed for a great fit.

Brush your dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush after application. This will help remove any leftover chemicals from cleaning over night. Do not use toothpaste as it is abrasive and can scratch the teeth on your dentures. Brush with water only.

Wearing During The Day

When your dentures are in place, make sure not to bite into hard, crunchy foods. Instead, cut them into smaller pieces so you can eat them easily without using too much force which could chip dentures. Avoid using toothpicks as they can cause scratching to the surface of the teeth in your dentures. Rinse your mouth with water if something is lodged in between two of the teeth. 

Removing At Night

At nighttime or after you have worn your dentures for several hours, give your mouth a break to avoid pain associated with overuse. Place a towel or a bowl of water inside your sink basin and take your dentures out above it. This will help keep your dentures from accidental breakage if you happen to drop them during removal. Brush your gums, tongue and teeth after your dentures have been taken out to remove any plaque buildup that may have settled during wear.

Cleaning Overnight

While you are asleep, your dentures should be placed inside a denture cleanser for several hours. These products will remove all bacteria from your dentures and they will keep them moist while they are not in your mouth. Dentures that are not stored in a liquid can become warped and misshapen, making the fit in your mouth altered. It is important to keep them in liquid if they are out of your mouth for any length of time. (For more information on dentures, contact Westside Denture Clinic or another practice)