Are You Having Trouble Keeping Your Dentures In?

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Living without teeth can be hard enough without also having to deal with your false ones not staying in. Maybe you have had your dentures for several years and are just now experiencing issues with them staying in your mouth. Maybe you have just been fitted with your teeth and the bottoms will not stay in like the ones on top do. If this sounds like your trouble, learning more about implant retained dentures is a good idea.

Are You A Good Candidate For Implant Retained Dentures?

If you have been wearing dentures long enough to wear down the ridge of bone along the top of your gums, you are more than likely a good candidate for implants. One important factor to consider about implants is about bone density. If your jawbone is dense and strong enough, your dental professional can place implants deep enough for them to remain sturdy. In most cases, the implants are placed in where your natural canine incisors used to be, one on each side for gaining the greatest immobility of dentures once they are attached to the implants.

What If Your Jawbone Is Not Dense Enough For Implants?

If your jawbone is too thin for properly holding in denture retaining implants, your dentist can build a metal framework alongside your existing bone. On this metal frame work, your dentist can successfully graft and nurture new bone through the application of hydroxy apatite, synthetic bone crystals commonly used for bone rebuilding in preparation for dental procedures. Your dentist or denturist can explain in more details about your special needs for bone grafting and rebuilding.

How Do Dentures Attach To Implants? Is It Permanent?  

Your implants will not be attached to your old dentures. A new impression of the inside of your mouth will be done after the implants have healed and their abutments are sticking up from your gums. In this way, your new dentures will fit snugly not only to your implants, but also to your gums, which is a great feeling for someone that has struggled with keeping their teeth in place when talking and eating.

When you have a hard time eating, you can suffer from digestive disorders like acid reflux from improperly chewed food. If you are unable to speak clearly, you may become anxious in social situations and become depressed and anti-social. It is time to get the teeth back you deserve by visiting your denturist today for finding out when you can have denture retaining implants put in.