Dental Implant Concerns That You May Want Addressed

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For those that have suffered the loss of their teeth, there are several treatment options available to correct the cosmetic and functional problems that this can cause. When it comes to replacing a missing tooth, dental implants may be the best option because they are permanent and help support the jaw, but some patients are not viable candidates for this type of treatment.  Some people also wonder how these dental implants will feel once they are installed.  

Are There Any Reasons Why You Could Not Receive Dental Implants?

Sadly, there are some patients that fail to realize there are disqualifying conditions that may prevent or delay them from undergoing the procedure to install dental implants. A common example of this type of problem would be excessive bone loss in the jaw. When this happens, the jaw may not be able to support the implant. Some patients may be able to undergo a bone graft to correct this problem, but if the bone loss is severe enough this may not be sufficient. After the bone has been grafted into place, the patient will need to wait several weeks to months before the rest of the procedure can be done because the bone will need time to fully bond together. 

How Natural Will The Implants Feel When The Procedure Is Done?

There are some patients that are concerned these implants will feel very different from their other teeth. While it is true that your new teeth will take a couple of days for you to adjust to wearing, once this happens, you will be unlikely to notice that they are different from your natural teeth. 

However, if you ever notice a change in the positioning of one of these teeth, you should immediately schedule an appointment with your dentist. When an implant shifts positions, it is a sign that it has likely become loose and needs to be adjusted before it develops a risk of falling out. 

Being uninformed about using dental implants to replace missing or heavily damaged teeth can prevent you from appreciating and evaluating this treatment option. By understanding that there are some limitations on the damage these implants can repair and that they will feel like your normal teeth soon after being placed, you will have more of the needed information when you are making the decision about pursuing this treatment option.  For more information about implants, contact a company like  Barthmann Denture Clinic implants.